Late-Breaking News / Activities

...hasn't been updated in a while, has it? Well, this coming fall that's going to change.

 The last activities page was for February 1997 (!)
Why so long ago?

I set up this website on a whim to show what we can do with technology at the school -- not just for the kids inside the classroom but for the families outside the classroom. The idea was to benefit families in their homes -- where homework is done, dishes are washed and that elusive notion of 'quality time' is spent.

The pages were a successful proof of concept, as was the fruitful time I devoted to creating them and learning, but my own supply of quality time was in getting short, so I took a break from web weaving to spent it watching the kids grow and getting some sleep. And so I left it at that.

It dawned on me, however, that to make this site worthwhile beyond the hobby stage, it really should be put out to the masses where it can do some bit of good! If it could spread some news, maybe even slip a bit of gospel now and then, maybe it will bond the folks in the parish a little tighter. So here I am again!

13 June 1998

 Ideally, I'd like to see everyone in the school and parish contribute to this site. That way it becomes a living, breathing voice of the community that belongs to everyone. How about it?

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