Quick! What do Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa and Babe Ruth have in common?

They are all products of a Catholic school education!

Saint Catherine of Siena Elementary School

Mission Statement

Saint Catherine of Siena Elementary School (K through 8) exists to provide an education in the Roman Catholic faith as well as a thorough academic preparation for higher learning to the children of Saint Catherine of Siena Parish. We are a parish school under the auspices of the Diocese of Sacramento and actively participate in the larger Catholic community. We dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning, holistic growth, and Christ-like leadership through joyful service to our parish family and the community at large.


Saint Catherine of Siena Elementary School is a Community of Faith built on the values, beliefs, and traditions of Catholic Education. The school endeavors to serve the parish as an integral part of the interaction of Christian values of the family, the Catholic Church, and society.

We believe that the purpose of our school as a Christian Educational Community is to assist parents, who are the primary educators of their children. The diverse talents of parents, teachers and students are coordinated in such ways that the school becomes an extension of the family community and are integrated into the larger community.

As a Catholic Christian Community there is a dependence on Christ, and an acceptance of His teachings, and an attempt to live out His teachings. For Christian living in the larger world community we strive to impart academic skills and life skills in order to actualize the potential of each child and to insure a richer Christian world.

The commitment of clergy, teachers, parents and students of Saint Catherine's School to the educational mission of the Church will encourage this community to live, practice and communicate the message and values of Jesus Christ.


With these convictions to guide us, we seek to implement the following goals:

Spiritual - we strive...

Intellectual - we strive...

Physical - we strive...

Community Service - we strive...

Personal/Social - we strive...

School Board

The School Board is made up of parents from the school community. It meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to interested persons, and everyone has the right to address the Board by requesting to be heard on the agenda.

Father William P. Kinane, Pastor
Mrs. Lee Roark, Principal
Mr. Richard Ryan, President
Mr. Francisco Salanga
Mrs. Annette de Leon
Mrs. Menchie Fortuno
Mr. Arnie Cabiles
Mr. Albert Ganzon
Mrs. Maria Domingo

Parent Club Officers

The Parent Club is made up of all parents from the school. Its board of officers meets on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are open to interested persons.

Mr. Herminio Sunga, President
Mr. Willie Esver, Vice President
Mrs. Grace Empleo, Treasurer
Mrs. Leilani Cleeton, Secretary


Reverend William P. Kinane, Pastor
Mrs. Lee Roark, Principal
Mrs. Noreen Pokladowski, Secretary