1st Note: This is not Saint Catherine's own website but a set of pages hosted personally. Saint Catherine is welcome, however, to transfer the content onto their own site at http://www.netcom.com/~stcather/; in fact, anyone sufficiently savvy can figure how to do it without contacting me anyway.
2nd Note: It appears that while the above site is still accessible, it is officially discontinued! E-mail sent there won't be read.

Welcome to Saint Catherine of Siena!

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Situated in Vallejo, California, Saint Catherine's is a Roman Catholic church serving the communities of Vallejo, Benicia and American Canyon. It is part of the Sacramento Roman Catholic Diocese.

Saint Catherine consists of a parish with its many ministries and an elementary school for grades K through 8.

The church is named of course after Catherine of Siena, who lived in Italy during the 14th century.


Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
3450 Tennessee Street
Vallejo, California 94591
(707) 553-1355
(707) 643-6691 school
(707) 643-1951 religious education

mailing address:
P.O. Box 5390
Vallejo, California 94591